Commitment to Quality

Consistent Quality Magnetics by Minntronix, Inc.

Controlled by problem Prevention, Inspection, and Corrective Action



  • MTX is ISO 9001:2008 certified in the USA and China (Quality Manuals available for review).
  • MTX designs magnetics using ‘state of the art’ design tools (140+ years design experience).
  • MTX provides customers with a print set (with BOM upon request) with physical samples.
  • MTX provides complete test data on electrical and mechanical parameters on all samples.
  • MTX provides specific process detail when needed for process assurance (incl. equipment).
  • MTX holds a ‘golden’ sample and print/BOM in US, for products built at our China factory.
  • MTX provides component supplier traceability and production yield data, upon request.
  • MTX will not deviate from stated BOM AVL unless approved by our customer.
  • MTX records electrical test data on 10 labeled pieces from every production shipment we make.
  • MTX performs ORT (Ongoing Reliability Testing) upon internal order or customer request.


  • MTX performs 100% testing of all key electrical and mechanical parameters on all pieces.
  • MTX then performs an AQL quality audit on all shipments using MIL-STD-105E.
  • MTX reviews shipment test data from parts built in our China factory as compared to samples.

Corrective Action

  • MTX considers any customer problem with our products to be our highest priority.
  • MTX investigates every problem with a Corrective Action Report with long term solution.
  • MTX applies all technical resources to address problems reported
  • MTX works with our customers to assure minimum impact of their production activities.
  • Our Corrective Action includes preventative measures on the parts involved and similar parts.
  • Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed and all resources are applied to achieve it.
  • For worst-case scenarios we maintain Error & Omissions and Product Liability Insurance.


MTX measures PPM and On Time performance as part of our ISO 9001 program. To review this information please request a username and password to access our company presentation.