Company History

Minntronix celebrates its 25th Anniversary
Received United States Trademark Registration No. 4,803,532 for “Wind Up the Best”

Modernized / upgraded China transformer facility

Expansion of RF design capabilities

Expansion of USA magnetic engineering (electrical and mechanical)

11 Candidates pursuing 6 Sigma Black Belt

Full adoption of Motorola University 6 Sigma Program

Expanded product line to include RF Magnetics and CT Sensors

Released expanded catalog and launched new website

February 2007
China facilities Certified OHSAS 18001

Shanghai, China sales office established

January 2005
RoHS compliant on all product styles

November 2004
USA Operations relocated to Watertown, South Dakota

June 2003
Fourth China production facility brought on-line

April 2003
Engineering expansion at both USA and China facilities

November 2002
Private Stock Exchange between Minntronix and Lightion

January 2001
USA and China facilities Certified ISO 9001:2000

September 2000
Capabilities and expertise added in USA

February 2000
China facility Certified ISO 14001 and QS 9000

September 1996
China facility Certified ISO 9001 and BABT

October 1996
Relationship established between Minntronix (USA) and Lightion (China)

April 1993
Opening of Lightion (pronounced lye-shin) facility in China

January 1990
Company established in Tracy, Minnesota, USA