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Minntronix, Inc., established in 1990 as Tracy Minntronix, Corp., specializes in the design and manufacturing of a broad range of transformers, inductors, and coils, referred to collectively as magnetics. Magnetics are our passion, and our entire company’s mission is your complete satisfaction.

Over the years, Minntronix has established a reputation for providing the latest in magnetics designs, consistent high quality products, and outstanding customer service and response times. Our unique structure provides many advantages to our customers. With our headquarters in the United States, we provide engineer-to-engineer technical support, fast response for designs, free sample service, and quick-turn on prototype orders. With our main manufacturing facilities and volume material sourcing center in Asia, we are able to provide outstanding value from quantities of a few pieces to a few million pieces. All of our facilities are equipped with the latest automated production equipment and industry standard test and measurement equipment. Each facility is ISO certified.

Supporting our commitments is a team of talented and dedicated people, whose first priority is customer service and the success of our customers. We welcome an opportunity to provide more information about our company, our products and our services. Call us or send us an e-mail and we will provide the information.

Our Commitment to Quality


Consistent Quality Magnetics controlled by problem PreventionInspection, and Corrective Action


  • MTX is ISO 9001:2015 certified in the USA and China (Quality Manuals available for review).
  • MTX designs magnetics using ‘state of the art’ design tools (140+ years design experience).
  • MTX provides customers with a print set (with BOM upon request) with physical samples.
  • MTX provides complete test data on electrical and mechanical parameters on all samples.
  • MTX provides specific process detail when needed for process assurance (incl. equipment).
  • MTX holds a ‘golden’ sample and print/BOM in US, for products built at our China factory.
  • MTX provides component supplier traceability and production yield data, upon request.
  • MTX will not deviate from stated BOM AVL unless approved by our customer.
  • MTX records electrical test data on 10 labeled pieces from every production shipment we make.
  • MTX performs ORT (Ongoing Reliability Testing) upon internal order or customer request.


  • MTX performs 100% testing of all key electrical and mechanical parameters on all pieces.
  • MTX then performs an AQL quality audit on all shipments using MIL-STD-105E.
  • MTX reviews shipment test data from parts built in our China factory as compared to samples.


  • MTX considers any customer problem with our products to be our highest priority.
  • MTX investigates every problem with a Corrective Action Report with long term solution.
  • MTX applies all technical resources to address problems reported.
  • MTX works with our customers to assure minimum impact of their production activities.
  • Our Corrective Action includes preventative measures on the parts involved and similar parts.
  • Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed and all resources are applied to achieve it.
  • For worst-case scenarios we maintain Error & Omissions and Product Liability Insurance.


MTX measures PPM and On Time performance as part of our ISO 9001 program. To review this information please request a username and password to access our company presentation.
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